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This website is to help those who want to learn about Bible Interpretation.  We will cover the basic rules and guidelines of interpretation.  I am not expecting you to become an expert in the Bible, but I do anticipate that it will encourage you to study more and change the way you read your Bible.  These rules and guidelines will also help your personal Bible study to become more productive and will give you a standard to analyze the truthfulness of teachings that you hear from others.
The internet is full of sites that express different opinions about the Bible's message. Not only are they different, but some are accusing others of heresy or false teachings.  Don't you feel confused about who is telling the truth?
The main purpose of this site is to teach Christians, so I am taking for granted that you are a Spirit-led Christian who believes that the Bible is the Word of God and that you want to interpret the Bible with more accuracy.  
I have divided the lesson into three chapters and each chapter have various sections. Each section will have a short and simplified lesson or information concerning the Bible and biblical interpretation. I will advise the new learner to start with the first chapter. 


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Chapter 1:  The Bible and Basics of Interpretation
(Explains important facts about the Bible and basic information about interpretation)

Chapter 2:  Different Types of Bible Literature.
(Bible genre such as letters, narrative, psalms, etc.)

Chapter 3:  Example of Bible Interpretation. 
(Applying interpretive processes to biblical passages)

Bible History Diagram 
(How did we get the Bible that we have today?)

Bible Study Commentary 
(Commentary written in Bible Study Lesson format)

(Some comments that we received about our website)


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About Us
Towards the end of the year 1999, I decided to learn how to create a website as a personal hobby, but as time went on,  I found it difficult to have time with my other "hobby," studying the Bible.   The only solution was to combine the two:  website and Bible interpretation.  I also asked my wife who graduated from a Bible School and also has a computer background to give me a hand.  So this is the result.
I decided on the topic of Bible Interpretation because I have seen a lot of Christians change for the better in regard to understanding God's Word through lessons that I've taught in our local church.  Out of millions of people that uses the Internet everyday if one will ever find this website an encouragement to study more of the Bible it is more than worth all the effort.  God bless you.




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