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Bible Study Commentary

NOTICE: This is a new section in our website.  Right now, all we have are few lessons from the Epistle of 1 Peter.



This is a unique kind of commentary written in a Bible Study format. But like any other commentary, it will interpret every verse of 1 Peter.  You can use this Bible Study Commentary to study the interpretation of a particular passage or you can use this as a format in teaching a Bible Study. We will be dividing the Epistle into different Lessons.  

At the end of the every Lesson will be a section called "Present Application."  This is when we will try to bring into our daily lives the principles or messages that we have learn from the passage that we have just studied.  

I suggest, that you study the Chapter 1 of Bible Interpretation in this website.  


Table of Context


Lesson 1- Our True Identity

Lesson 2- Thanksgiving for  Salvation

Lesson 3- The Joy of  Salvation

Lesson 4- Prepare Your Mind

Lesson 5- Be Holy

Lesson 6- Fear Of God

Lesson 7- Love One Another

Lesson 8- Spiritual Nourishment

Lesson 9- Spiritual House

Lesson 10- The Cornerstone